Breed description: The Miniature Pinscher (Zwergpinscher, Min Pin) is a small breed of dog of the Pinscher type, developed in Germany. Miniature Pinschers were first bred to hunt vermin, especially rats.

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On this page we have links to breeders in Texas. Instead of navigating through our breeders list you can find a puppy for sale by selecting the state below that you are insterested in buying a dog. You can also find the option to search for a dog by the zip code. This will make it easier for you if you are looking for a dog in your local area or if you know the zip code where a breeder is located.

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Puppies for sale in Houston TX
$1,000.00 CASH REWARD!! DINO NEEDS MEDICATION!!! Dino is a 18 month old neutered male Miniature Pinscher. He's a chocolate colored with black tint, pointed ears, and a docked tail. **He does resemble as a Chihuahua by his overall appearance** Dino has been missing since Tuesday 05/25/2010 near Traders Village (7979 N. Eldridge Pkwy) and he is not wearing his collar, but PLEASE CALL ME if you see a dog that looks similar and take the dog to the nearest ANIMAL HOSPITAL!! ASAP!! PLEASE CALL or EMAIL ME with ANY information!! (281) 794-6353 REMEMBER $1,000.00 CASH REWARD for his safe return!!
(281) 794-6353
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