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Puppies in Georgia for sale

On this page we have links to breeders in Georgia. Instead of navigating through our breeders list you can find a puppy for sale by selecting the state below that you are insterested in buying a dog. You can also find the option to search for a dog by the zip code. This will make it easier for you if you are looking for a dog in your local area or if you know the zip code where a breeder is located.

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Puppies for sale in Roswell GA   AKC Standard Poodle Pups only females all dark red.  Born on May 9, 2009.  All shots and wormings upto date.  These girls are beautiful, sweet and very smart.  They are simply some of the most outstanding poodle seen  any where in a long time.  Working with pups with crate training, walking on lead and house training.  Pups are about 10 weeks old.  They will weigh about 50 lb full grown  and they should retain the dark red color.  Dad is a dark red and mom is a dark apricot.  All genetic testing done on parents that effect the standard poodle.  Hip dysplasia, Von Willbrad, SA, PRA, Thyroid, Addison and any other problems we think of.   Parents are micro chipped.  Puppies can be micro chipped if you wish.
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