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  Wyoming Rabies Laws
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Puppies for sale in Wyoming WY   WYOMING Rabies Laws       Following a 3/22/08 article entitled Vaccine overkill? in the Wyoming News  by Baylie Davis and inspired by encouraging developments in Kansas,  Wyoming dog breeders have contacted Wyoming's Governor, Attorney General as well as the Mayor of Cheyenne imploring the state to adopt the national  standard of a 3 year rabies vaccination protocol.  They need your assistance to help them get the annual rabies booster ordinances in the state changed.   What You Can Do To Help       Please contact any/or all of the Wyoming public officials listed below. You can copy and paste e-mail addresses listed.  I will be sending a letter of support as well and will keep you updated on developments.  After the Wyoming contact list, there will be updated information on rabies law efforts in Kansas and Arkansas as well.   PERMISSION GRANTED TO CROSS-POST THIS MESSAGE   Wyoming Contacts   Attorney General Bruce A. Salzburg  Phone:  (307) 777-7841  Fax: (307) 777-6869; Consumer Protection Division 307-777-7874 or 1-800-438-5799 Fax: 307-777-7956 Kansas Rabies Law Update & Arkansas Dog Owners Organizing to Challenge Arkansas Rabies Laws   Kansas:   Dog owners have started a petition to get annual rabies laws in the state changed to the national 3 year standard.  They are planning to have petitions available for dog owners to sign at the upcoming Yappy Days event on March 29th from 9-4 at the Kansas Coliseum, Pavilion II .  The petition is posted online at .  Activities in Kansas were sparked by a March 18, 2008 article in the Wichita Eagle entitled, Are Annual Shots a Risk for Dogs? by Diane McCartney.   Arkansas:  Dog owners are organizing to change their annual rabies laws.  A Yahoo group, Arkansas Rabies Vaccine Info function clearText(thefield){ if (thefield.defaultValue==thefield.value) thefield.value = "" }  has been started to coordinate efforts, please join if you are interested. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  Wichita to Form Rabies Vaccination Committee   I received the notice below on March 25, 2008.  How unfortunate that Wichita is not including a member of their dog-owning public on this committee.                    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT:   Kay Johnson, Director of Environmental Services, 268-8351   City to Form Rabies Vaccination Committee   The City of Wichita is forming an ad hoc committee to review the schedule for rabies vaccinations, Interim Wichita City Manager Ed Flentje announced on Tuesday.   The committee will review the latest information on rabies prevention and control and make recommendations, said Kay Johnson, Director of Environmental Services.   Committee members will be announced at a later date.   “The committee will be primarily comprised of local veterinarians and public health officials,” Johnson said. “Rabies is a very serious issue and potentially fatal.  We want to make sure that people and pets are protected.”   The committee recommendations will be provided to the City Manager as part of a broader and ongoing animal ordinance review.  The ordinance review is scheduled to be presented to the Wichita City Council later this year.   For further questions, Johnson can be reached at or 268-8351. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you all for your incredible efforts in Maine and Kansas!  You are making a huge difference in the lives of dogs everywhere.  Remember what Margaret Mead said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."   Regards,  Kris   Kris L. Christine Founder, Co-Trustee The Rabies Challenge Fund

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  WyNot Bostons
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WyNot Bostons is located in Riverton, Wyoming, within the Rocky Mountain Range. We feel dogs should have titles on both ends and therefor breed for attractive, healthy, sound-minded dogs to hopefully achieve their breed ring title and then proceed into the performance rings with equal ability. We have several champions, many of which also have obedience and agility titles. We have done minimal herding and tracking with Bostons also and feel the stout-hearted little guys are truly the all-around dog. Therefore, WyNot Bostons?

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