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Puppies for sale in Moselle MS   Hello, I am looking to give a black and white teacup female Japanese Chin a loving home! I have one Japanese Chin already, but I am about to move into my new home, and my family has become attached to her. I have just finished college, and I am currently working as a full-time writer. My finase' works offshore; therefore, he is gone every other two weeks. I need a someone to keep me company ! I'm 23 years old, and live in Mississippi. I will have to have the puppy shipped to the airport in New Orleans. Both of my previous dogs (Pom & Chin) have been shipped to this airport, and I have had no problems with that so far. It is a very nice airport. However, I did not purchase these puppies until around October. It is very hot down here right now, so I do not know if it will be a problem to ship the puppy this time of the year. I am looking for a champion breed. I do not want to enter this beauty into shows, and I do NOT plan to breed her whatsoever! I am just looking for a puppy to love and cherish!!! I do not plan on having children any time soon, so I do not want the puppy to weigh over 3-5 lbs full grown. This is crucial! I purchased a Pom, and she was not the size I specified. However, I loved her just the same. I got my other puppy, a teacup japanese chin, and she is the sweetest, coolest puppy ever!! Unfortunately, my parents have become GREATLY attached to her, and they will not let me take her to my new home I would like to see a lot of pictures of the little jewel you have ready to go to a new home. I want her to be a show quality dog, and I prefer she come from a champion bloodline. The maximum amount I am willing to pay is $1500. Please, do not contact me unless you have documentation that states you are a professional breeder in Japanese Chins and have proof that this puppy comes from a champion bloodline. I am not willing to pay the amount specified if I think I am trying to be ripped off!!! Also, size is critical. Thank you for reading my ad!! Please contact me as soon as you can. If you have a litter that will be ready soon, and you expect a puppy as I have described, I will definitely be willing to wait for the right one!!! Thanks, Kacie Reid
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