• What are Priority Points?
  • How do they work?
  • How much do they cost?
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  • What are VIP Listings!?


    Priority Points - a method of ranking business entries in the Directory. Points give you the opportunity to make your free business listing appear at the top of your section of the Directory.

    Priority Points allow you to enhance your listing with a distinctive layout, your company logo, product descriptions and photographs.

    Priority Points also bring you to the top of Directory search results.

    With Priority Points attached to your entry you will appear in our Top Pet Sites list which is a link that we attach to every single e-mail & newsletter sent by International Dog Breeders Directory staff.

    Sites with the most Priority Points appear on our popular News Pages and most other pages of the main site.

    The more points you have - the more you get seen!

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    You can buy them online at any time. The ordering process is quick and easy to follow. For help with ordering click here.

    As soon as you order your points they are added to your entry and your entry converts to an 'enhanced entry'. It will immediately appear higher in the Listings.

    Depending on your points total your entry may also become a VIP Listing! (what is that?)

    You can edit your entry whenever you want - add images, change your text and so on.

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    1 Priority Point = 10 cents,

    Your points are used whenever someone visits your site (PPC system).
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    These are reserved for those entries with 300 points or more.

    The phrase VIP Listing! discretely hides the number of points that the entry owns.

    All NEW VIP Listings!, or any entry with VIP status which orders more points, will appear in the prestigious rotating banner slot at the top of every page of the site and on all standalone web pages (see below).
    And finally - the more Priority Points you have - the higher your listing in search results!

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    1. Select the number of points you require.

    2. Press the 'Add to Cart' button.

    3. You will then be able to purchase your points and they will be manually added to your Listing .

    Minimum order is 100 points. ($10.00) but if you buy more than 500 points we will add you to the News Flash on the Main page of the site!

    We use Paypal for our secure online ordering system.

    Please use the buy option on the Advertising page. Site Map