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Boston terrier/ French bulldog puppies also know as Frenchtons, Faux frenchies, French Bo’s are hybrid designer pups they are the result of breeding a French bulldog and a Boston terrier. Faux Frenchies are not as expensive costing a small fraction of the cost compared to a French bulldogs but are built like a Frenchie and are a wonderful pet that loves people of all ages; they are highly intelligent short cobby stocky puppies. I have been raising dogs for over 23 years. My recipe for a good Frenchton is made of a strong foundation of high quality Parents and bloodlines top quality food, lots of love and kisses, and most importantly a strong focus on health. I have selected special parents to create an assortment of colors cream, reds, blues, brindles, splash, gold any color is possible. Please stop by my web page and find your puppy love. Puppies start at 600 and go up to 800

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