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Beautiful companion pets with a wide range of colors and color combinations. These are sweet natured, gentle individuals. Puppies are socialized from birth and are raised in my home. It is my goal for each and every puppy to know from the moment of awareness that they are very, very special. Typically, Havanese needs human interaction and encouragement to become the cheerful, lovable clowns they are meant to be. Havanese should not be ?raised in a cage? as is the case with puppymills throughout the mid-west. The puppy will be fearful and cowering, and once this behavior starts, it will continue for the rest of the dog?s life. One definite indicator of a puppymill is the use of any other registry than the AKC. These other registries do not monitor and police the breeders like the AKC does. By the time the puppies leave home from 8 to 12 weeks, they are easy to leash train, and started on crate training. They are cheerful, healthy, and happy. My puppies are very well adjusted and will light up your life for many years to come. My parents have had their eyes examined by a canine ophthalmologist and have no heritable eye disease. Parent?s patellas have OFA, and certified to be sound. I will not breed an unsound animal, or one with any eye disease. If there is any indicator that the dog has a hearing problem, it will be tested immediately and will not be bred until the results have been received. Puppies will have a replacement guarantee for 2 years for fatal genetic defects. Proper procedures must be followed as outlined in sales agreement. Please e-mail me for availability at When you write, please let me know a little bit about yourself and you family. Will someone be available to let the puppy out during the day? What method of training do you plan to use? Please tell me why you have chosen Havanese and if you have thoroughly researched the breed. For additional information about me, please visit my website, Thank you for your interest in my puppies!

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