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The spirited Welsh Terrier is a typical hunting dog always alert and aware of their surroundings. They are also highly intelligent with a strong desire to please their owners whether they are hunting fox or running obedience trials. Their easygoing, friendly temperament make them ideal pets, especially for families with children. - from

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Puppies for sale in Budapest Hungary   Welsh terrier for sale   A male welsh terrier for sale. He is 1,5 years old, very clever and active, loves ball, docile. He is able to agility, rescue dog or other sports. He knows basic orders and search the ball. He is vaccined, dewormed and has chip. He is in Hungary. Price: 150 euro Information:  

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55 48th Street, Holland, Michigan 49423 United States Phone: 616-510-0141 Welsh Terrier Website Featuring Welsh Terriers And Welsh Terrier Puppies. Breeder of Welsh Terriers For Pet and Show. Our Welsh Terriers Love To Be With People. "This Is The Welsh Terrier."

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