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The Collie is a lithe, strong, responsive, active dog, carrying no useless timber, standing naturally straight and firm. The deep, moderately wide chest shows strength, the sloping shoulders and well-bent hocks indicate speed and grace, and the face shows high intelligence. The Collie presents an impressive, proud picture of true balance, each part being in harmonious proportion to every other part and to the whole. Except for the technical description that is essential to this Standard and without which no Standard for the guidance of breeders and judges is adequate, it could be stated simply that no part of the Collie ever seems to be out of proportion to any other part. Timidity, frailness, sullenness, viciousness, lack of animation, cumbersome appearance and lack of over-all balance impair the general character. - from

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Puppies for sale in Sidney Australia   Eridor is a small kennel in Canberra Australia, we only breed when we need something therefore show and pet puppies sometimes available. We are planning a litter for this year of tri clour and blue merle puppies. All enquiries welcome.

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Puppies for sale in Toronto Canada   Collies both rough and smooth varieties, champions in both varieties.Bred for correct structure, health, soundness, intelligence, and longevity. All puppies checked by Board Certified Opthalmologist between 4 and eight weeks of age. High presentage of normal eyed puppies. Parents thyroid tested/cleared. Young adults occassionally, puppies occassionally. All pets sold on CKC non breeding agreements..with spay/neuter contracts. Both show and companion prospects. Sold with Veterinary Health certificates and breeders written genetic health guarantee! "Bred with CARE, Raised with LOVE, Presented with PRIDE"

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