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The Danish-Swedish Farm Dog is vivacious, watchful, and lively. This breed is friendly, affectionate, and playful. They are great with children and make wonderful family companions. Highly social, they are generally accepting of strangers and other dogs. - from

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 Toolalla Koolies infoView my puppies  
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Puppies for sale in Sidney Australia   

Toolalla Koolies have been proudly breeding red and blue merle koolies for over 30 years and adhere to the Australian Coolie Councils breed standard and Code of Ethics. All Toolalla's Koolies are working dogs, from proven bloodlines and bred to retain the natural working instinct.
PO Box 1149, Inverell NSW 2360. PH: (02) 6723 3496
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 First Registered Australian Koolies in America infoView my puppies  
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First Registered Australian Koolies in America. Member,representitive and promoter of the Koolie Club of Australia's Code of Ethics in America. Member of the AHBA, working quality Koolies Our Goal is to promote, protect and preserve the Australian Koolie. Puppies by order. Male at Stud to approved bitches.
301 South McDowell Street, Charlotte, NC 28204
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 Australian Koolies infoView my puppies  
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Puppies for sale in Sidney Australia   

Koolies are Australia's oldest working breed, bred by stockman for Australia's changing climates, regions and working needs. Tjukurpa Kennels is proud to be a member and promoter of the Koolie club of Australia's Code of Ethics. Puppies by order, Males at stud and Koolie Rescues. All Koolies are inoculated, micro-chipped, vet checked, on a flea/worm program, registered with the Koolie Club of Australia and DNA tested, for disease and parentage. Quality Koolies for Work, Obedience & Companion Tjukurpa promotes, preserve and protects the Koolie breed, Koolies are for life. Tjukurpa Kennels also manages Koolie Rescue supported by The Koolie Club of Australia and as a Judges of the Australian National Kennel control we work with many wonderful and hard working volunteers, who give selfishly so many Koolies can find new homes and have a second chance at a terrific life. I pay honor to those remarkable people who Australia wide who helps us save Koolies. well done Keep the faith and ignore the filth.
03) 5486-5370
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 German Coolies infoView my puppies  
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Puppies for sale in Austin TX   German Coolies have been an integral part of a Shepherd's life for many generations. Yata hae Coolie's are proud to have a part of history in the United States. Our German Coolies are from known lineage, that can be proven. Our Coolies are excelling in herding as well as dually working as a SAR team member. We'd love to hear from you with any comments or questions concerning the German Coolies. We have puppies available and started dogs.
Texas, 254-562-3078
[ Breeder Location (Austin  TX)


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