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This select and specialist Kennel, whose foundation bitch was Thaxmead Bustling Moorhen (born 26/3/1986), received its Affix from the Kennel Club on the 1st of August, 1989. Peter & Maura Hartley are the Owners of the Erinmoor Affix. The dogs are Gundogs, all used for Working and occasionally Shown. Dogs bred at Erinmoor are Large M?nsterl?nders, and are usually limited to one Litter per generation. The aim of the breeding programme is to maintain, and improve upon, the standard of dogs within the breed. All Erinmoor bitches are BVA eye-certified and hip-scored prior to any breeding; only the best available Stud dogs are used, and close line breeding is avoided in order to keep the gene pool open and clear.

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