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The general appearance is that of a strong compact, symmetrically built working dog, with the ability and willingness to carry out his allotted task however arduous. Its combination of substance, power, balance and hard muscular condition must convey the impression of great agility, strength and endurance. Any tendency to grossness or weediness is a serious fault. - from

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Puppies for sale in Ellensburg WA   I see that there are several people currently looking for heeler puppies. I don't have any at the moment, but I will be having a litter as soon as my female comes into heat. She had her first litter back in February and we are waiting for her to come into her second heat cycle. In her previous litter she had 5 puppies 2 red females, and 2 blue males and 1 blue female. All of the puppies had different personalities. These are very high quality dogs that are raised with their people. I own the female who is blue, and a friend of ours own the stud who is red. The owner of the stud gets pick of the litter so their tails were all docked at 2 days old by a vet. We also took them in to get their first shots. They are not registered, but you aren't paying for the papers. Kapri and Rowdy have produced wonderful puppies for all disciplines, there were 2 of them that were the 'typical heeler' activity level, but the other 3 were really mellow and just easy to be around and are making wonderful house pets. We do screen all of new homes though and ask simple 'pet related questions'. Heelers are great dogs for people that have the time to train them. They love their people, and most of them need a job, or at least a good walk in the park everyday. They are known sometimes to be people aggressive (towards strangers) but I haven't talked with very many people that have had deal with that issue. We are expecting to have our next batch of puppies sometime in late 2009 or early 2010 - when ever Kapri is ready. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have questions, or are interested in getting on a waiting list for a puppy. I have several pictures of the puppies from the day they were born until now. My e-mail is I am often on the computer in the evening =)

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Puppies for sale in Ellensburg WA   All of our puppies are well socialized with both four legged and two legs of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Including children, cats, other dogs, the elderly, loud noise (such as home depot). Their dew claws have been removed. However their tails are not/ will not be docked. Depending on what you are looking for in a puppy I have both calm, hyper, and super hyper. They are 5 weeks old, but won’t be able to leave until the end of August. They also will have their first puppy shots and have been wormed. Our puppies are a part of our family, they are raised in the house and are played/cuddled/fed/watered/cleaned every day. Puppies are $300, a $100 deposit will hold your puppy for you. If you are interested in shipping a puppy we ship out of state for an additional $350 this includes the price of the crate, vet visit, and flight.
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Puppies for sale in GREENBANK Australia   Sire:  Australian Grand Champion Dewregal Total Rex Dam:  Dewregal One Eyes Pose   Pups due in December, ready to go in the New Year.  Pups will be blue.    Limited number will be available.
07 3297 5515
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Puppies for sale in Regina sask    

The New Baby's have arrived. Born February 10/2010. Registered Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies 1 Black Bi Female. 2 Blue Merle Females. 2 Red Merle Females. 1 Blue Merle Male. 3 Red Merle Males. Dam- Red Tri is 14 inches tall. Sire- blue Merle 16 inches tall. All Puppies will have the following- First Shot - Dewormed Twice - Vet Checked - Micro-Chip - Dew Claws removed - Tails Dock. Aussies are smart, loyal, Athletic,loving, and most of all want to be your best friend. They love Children and make a great family pet. Aussies have lots of energy, Thrive on Intellectual Challenges such as agility, flyball,herding, playing fetch and enjoy going on long walks or jogs to the park.But are not hyper dogs.Puppies should be ready to go to the new forever home March 31/2010. view my website and you will see the pups and mom , dad. please email me or call 306-546-2934
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 Australian Cattledogs in Sweden. Kennel Bushbug`s. infoView my puppies  
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Puppies for sale in Stockholm Sweden   In a small scale but with high quality, Bushbug's Kennel, situated outside Kumla in Sweden, breed Australian Cattle Dogs. Australian Cattle Dog is an intelligent, active and versatile breed. To live with an Australian Cattle Dog is a commitment that is guaranteed to change the owner's life - regardless if you choose to use your dog as a partner within any of the working disciplines such as tracking, obedience, herding, agility or as a dutydog for the army. Welcome to visit my site!
Susanne Blomqvist Polisgatan 5a SE-692 72 Kumla Sweden. Phone +4619 57 23 93
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Kleine Liebhaberzucht in der Schweiz an der deutschen Grenze. Ab und zu Welpen mit SGK/FCI Papieren, aus Champion-Verbindung mit allen Gesundheitstest (PRCD-DNA!). F?r den sportlichen, erfahrenen Hundehalter. Small Kennel in Switzerland. Sometimes puppies out of champion-lines, breeding stock carefully screened for genetic problems. For the experienced and active dog-owner only.
Alte Landstr. 14, 8175 Raat, Schweiz
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 The AUstralian Cattle Dog Social Club of North Queensland infoView my puppies  
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Puppies for sale in Sidney Australia   This is the site of The Australian Cattle Dog Club of North Queensland. Listed here is a comprehensive collection of over 70 articles;yarns and stories on the breed; information on the Australian Cattle Dog and the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog along with known theories of the breeds histories;health issues relative to both breeds;a "litter Bin",forum page,chat room and free classified adds. We graciously accept constructive criticism and ofers of copy for the club's newsletter.
c/o Secretary, 36 Alfred St., AITKENVALE Queensland 4814 Australia
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 Cattledog.Com infoView my puppies  
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 Diamantina infoView my puppies  
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 Australian Cattle Dog Club of Canada infoView my puppies  
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Puppies for sale in Toronto Canada   National Breed Club of Canada for the ACD. The ACDCC has information, and has both National and International members. Our publication the Heeler Holler is published 4 times a year. Membership dues are $25.00/year. We host shows, herding trials, clinics, fun days and more.
Box 229 Grandora, SK S0K 1V0 Canada
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 Kennel Thorsborgen infoView my puppies  
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Norsk oppdretter av sch?ferhund. Dette er ingen utstillingskennel eller brukskennel, men en sch?ferkennel. Vi stiller h?ye krav til v?re avls dyr, og benytter oss av de beste linjer i europa. Har leilighetsvis valper, unghunder eller voksne til salg.
Sl?ttmyrveien 36, 2406 Elverum, +47 62 42 77 50
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Puppies for sale in Sidney Australia   AustralianCattleDogs.Com is everything about Cattle Dogs. Pictures, breed FAQ's, breeder referrals, health information, Rescue and National Club links. Find your new puppy or find a local Herding clinic near you. or Deb Casey at

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 Dewregal Kennels infoView my puppies  
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 South Haven Farm infoView my puppies  
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 RUSSELL RUN infoView my puppies  
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Welcome to Russell Run's home page. My name is Marie Trial and I have had Australian Cattle Dog's since 1991. I first got interested in the breed when I lived in Virginia and had a beef cattle farm. I have since sold the farm and retired in Florida. I have been a member of the Australian Cattle Dog Club Of America since 1992 and have been Treasurer since 1996. I also belong to the regional club Bull Run Australian Cattle Dog Club and have been on the board of directors since the club was formed in 1992.

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