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The West Siberian Laika is an ancient hunting breed originating from local dogs of the West and Central Siberie and Oeral. It is a middle to large size dog, 50-62 cm at shoulder. Its body is a little longer than heigh, strongly built, has a wedge shaped head with almond set eyes. They have erect, pointed ears and a strongly curled tail which is carried on the back. The West Siberian Laika's character should be stabil, intelligent, alert and active. It is one of the few breeds which from appearence point of view still has the looks of a wolf. Like all polar dogs they have a double coat which protects them from the cold and heat climate. Its colour varies from white, grey, red to brown and any mixture of these colours. The West Siberian Laika is an excellent guardian but if raised proparly not agressive to man. It becomes very attached to its owner if given the propar care and interest. Its talents as a hunter on small (birds, squirrel, hare) and big game (elk, lynx, bear) shows its courage and stamina. If one is not in the position to use its hunting skills, there are many other stimuli to train the dog. They can be used for tracking, obedience, agility, mushing and rescue work.

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