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The Black and Tan Coonhound is first and fundamentally a working dog, a trail and tree hound, capable of withstanding the rigors of winter, the heat of summer, and the difficult terrain over which he is called upon to work. Used principally for trailing and treeing raccoon, the Black and Tan Coonhound runs his game entirely by scent. The characteristics and courage of the Coonhound also make him proficient on the hunt for deer, bear, mountain lion and other big game. Judges are asked by the club sponsoring the breed to place great emphasis upon these facts when evaluating the merits of the dog. The general impression is that of power, agility and alertness. He immediately impresses one with his ability to cover the ground with powerful rhythmic strides. - from

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Puppies for sale in Tulelake CA   We have 9 black and tan/walker mix hounds. They are currently 7 weeks old, and have their first shots. We live in Northern California but are able to arrange for transportation to mid California and into Oregon.
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Salukivalpar Födda 2008 02 07! e. Maymonas Ibn El Aslan ! Våran Saluki import med Gamla Tyska M.A.R (Mumtar Al Rich) Linjer och Linjer direkt från persien och Kurdistan En helt ny Genpool i Sverige e. Seadis Al Qahira 4*CC! Är våran vackra salukiflicka från vår första kull. Hennes största egenskap är hennes underbara temprament. Båda hundarna har nyligen genomgått en friskhets kontroll hos auktoriserad veterinär u.a tele: 0506 16202 mobil. 0768 47 53 14
Björnmossen 6 54591 Töreboda
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