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National Birman Fanciers is an affiliate of Cat Fanciers Association, and breed club devoted to the Birman, also known as the Sacred Cat of Burma. NBF has members worldwide, publishes a quarterly newsletter for its members, and produces two all breed cat
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Tashmira, Australian birman cat breeders specializing in selective breeding of affable show quality Birman kittens and cats in seal, Blue, red, cream, and tortie points.Registered with The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia Inc,GCCFSA.
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Alishma Birman Cattery - breeding and raising beautiful, healthy Birman kittens and cats in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia. Site includes information on our gentlemen and Ladies, Kittens for Sale, Birman Breed Information and Photo Gallery.
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Angel Eyes Birmans, Grand Champion breeders of the Sacred Cat of Burma. Specializing in rare silver Birman variations. Free downloads. Pets, cats, kittens, blue point, red, lilac, seal, lynx. TICA, registered, pure bred, breed, show, award.
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Hobbyzucht der Edelkatzenrasse Heilige Birma des Catterys Magnetic Cats. Unsere Birmchen haben Vorfahren aus Dänemark, Schweden, Holland, England, USA, Italien, etc. wobei wir bei unserer Hobbyzucht auf deutsche Linien verzichten. Die Birmas im Haus Magne
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Everything you want to know about the birman breed, Seal, Blue, Lilac and Lynx point Birmans. Pet, Breed and Show quality CFA / TICA registered Pedigree cats information available, Birman FAQ, Breeder Listings, Photographs, Legend, Markings guide
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We are a small cattery in Canada. All our baby kittens and cats are treated as family and are raise in a clean healthy and loving environment to provide you the very best pet possible. They come with all their vaccinations, Veterinarian and health check and records. We also offer many colour possibilities for you.=^..^=
Calgary, Alberta
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