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  Cattery of Dreamwalker - Manx-Cymric Katzen   
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Wir sind eine kleine, aber sehr engagierte und professionell ausgerichtete, Hobbyzucht für Manx/Cymric (Langhaar-Manx)-Katzen, östlich von Wien/Österreich. Von Zeit zu Zeit haben wir hochwertige Jungtiere abzugeben! Unsere Tiere leben im Familienverband e

  Dey Dream Manx - Manx Breeders - Manx Kittens For Sale - Manx Ca   
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My name is Joy Yoders-Dey and my husband, Erin and I have been specializing in the Manx breed since 2001. We are solely dedicated to the preservation and the betterment of the Manx breed as a whole. Our cattery is conservative and small as to only keep a

   The American Manx Club Web Page   
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The American Manx Club, Inc is the Breed Club for the Manx Cat

  Romanxx Cattery   
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Small, homebased cattery raising SH and LH Manx, registered in CFA. Kittens occasionally, usually by reservation. Kittens are born into my hand and lovingly raised as my pets to come to your home as your beloved companion. Check website for availability, or inquire by e-mail.

  Antelope Manx - Kittens   
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Antelope Manx cattery - breeding and raising beautiful manx kittens and cats true to type. Antelope Manx cattery is located in Kansas, USA. Site includes information kittens available, breed profile and photos.

  AnaManx\'s Cattery   
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AnaManx\'s is proud to be worky with the Royal Breed of \"Manx\" from the Isle of Manx. We are a small cattery with all our Purr-babies raised \"Hands-On\" in our home. They are first and formost my babies! We are registered with CFA and I am a member of the Star City Cat Fanciers, and the American Manx Club.

  Manx, Manx Cats, Manx Kittens, Manx Breeders   
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Manx, Manx Cats, Manx kittens, Manx Breeders, tailless cats, kittens for sale, beautiful Manx kittens, tailless kittens, Manx breeder

  Anamanx's Cattery - Home   
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AnaManx is a small family cattery working with the Manx Cat breed located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

  Romanxx Cattery, North Carolina, USA   
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Small, home-based cattery, raising healthy, loving, sound, well-socialized LH and SH Manx for pet and show. Kittens not always available - please check. Occasional retired adult available for placement in loving home. Buyer\'s contract terms available upon request.

  Manx Cats - Cat Guide   
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We are devoted to providing a wealth of invaluable information, details, products and contacts for cat owners and breeders

  Manx Cats need new home   
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Black female one and 5 month year old. Calico female 8 month old.

  Bengal Manx Kittens Cats Breeder Bengals Cat Ben Bob For Sale Vi   
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Bengal Manx Kittens Cats Cat Ben Bob Banx Virginia - Old Spring Farm - Your source for stubby, rumpy and just downrigh   
    EntryID=3456   State= - raising Manx cats for 10 years in the Willamette Valley Oregon! You'll also find kittens for sale, Desert Lynx and Appaloosas!

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