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Peterbald Cat Breeders Directory. Search for Peterbald cat breeders by cattery location!

  Shamira cattery - Russian Peterbald, Oriental Short Hair, and Si   
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A small, in home TICA registered cattery dedicated to providing excellent homes for top quality, well socailized Peterbald cats and kittens. Located in Astoria, Oregon, USA.

  Baby Rah - a sphynx and peterbald cattery - hairless or naked ca   
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  Cowboy Claws Peterbald Cats and Kittens  
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We are breeder of the #1 Peterbald Kitten Internationally in TICA for the breed's first year to compete for awards!!! We work to promote the breed thru ads and shows. Our cats are raised inside our home with our family. Adults and kittens are here!!! Written health guarantees.

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