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Tay\'s Cherry Moon is a Scottish Fold and British Shorthair cattery in Belgium. We specialize in the colors Silver Shaded, Blue and Lilac.

  My Scottish Fold cattery in Nieuwkerke (Heuvelland)   
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Cattery Van de Populierendreef located in Nieuwkerke (Heuvelland), Belgium presents its Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight cats and kittens

  Alles über Scottish Fold Katzen   
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Alles über die schottische Faltohrkatze- scottish fold

  Urquhart Scottish Fold Cats, A Florida Scottishfold Cattery   
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Urquhart Scottish Folds, A CFA and ACFA Registered Scottish Fold cattery located in Florida. Site is a comprehensive tour of the world of the Scottish Fold cat, with breed history, historical Scottish Fold photos, pedigrees, Scottish Fold books, Scottish

  History of Scottish Fold cats and kittens from the Purrfect Fold   
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History of the Scottish Fold Cat or Kitten. Scottish Fold Kittins make unique and adorable gift. .

  Scottish Fold Cat Scottish Fold Cats at The Pet!   
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Scottish Fold Cat Scottish Fold Cats at The Pet! A popular reference to learn about animal breeds. Advertise your kennel. Find a Breeder A dog and cat breeders forum.

  Linanci Scottish Folds-Index   
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Linanci Cattery

  Scottish Fold   
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Scottish Fold Cat Breed Guide - Scottish Fold Cat and Kitten Central offers Scottish Fold cat breed information, Scottish Fold cat pictures, a Scottish Fold cat breeders directory, Scottish Fold kitten for sale ads, Scottish Fold cat breed books and more.

  Cattery of Doux Coeurs. Scottish Fold and British Shorthair   
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Cattery of Doux Coeurs - our cattery of scottish fold cats and british shorthair is situated in france. We breed scottish fold and british shorthair with passion since 2004 in color blue, lilac, cream, bicolour.

  International Scottish Fold Association   
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ISFA is an organization that celebrates and promotes the Scottish Fold cat breed.

  CatteryWorld ScottishFold   
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Cat/Kitten breeders - Cattery World - kittens available - Catteries - Cat Furniture

  Marpole Cattery - CATS UNIVERSE   
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Mainly breed Exotic, Scottish Fold and British Shorthair cats. Sometimes will have Persian too.

  Luxefolds Scottish Fold Cats and Kittens   
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An exclusive CFA Scottish Fold closed cattery. We specialize in longhaired Scottish Fold cats and kittens. Occasionally, we do have kittens for sale to place in happy homes.

  British Shorthair Scottish Fold Selkirk Rex Cat Kitten For Sale   
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Welcome to TROJEN BRITS British Shorthair, and ACES Selkirk Rex and Scottish Fold. Chances are if you are visiting our site you are in love with these breeds just as we are.

  Scottish Fold Rescue, Inc.: Scottish Fold Cats Available for Ado   
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Scottish Fold cats or kittens in need of rescue and available for adoption.

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