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  Crosshill Scottish Folds   
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Crosshill Scottish Folds was created to promote Scottish Fold cats and introduce this beautiful breed. On our pages you will find information and pictures of our Scottish Folds.

  Scottish Fold   
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Resource Links For You About Your Cat. Breed information, cat medical information, care for your cat and cat rescue

  KittyCat :) Scottish Fold Profile, Scottish Fold Cattery Informa   
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Scottish Fold Profile, Scottish Fold Cattery Information and Scottish Fold Breeders Listings. South Africa Cat Breeders and Cattery Listings. Online cat community for cat lovers, Find A Breeder, Find A Cat Club, Cat Show Dates, KittyCat Calendar and Cat C

  Quietimes Scottish Fold Cattery, Scottishfold Kittens For Sale   
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Scottish fold cats and kittens for sale, pictures, pricing, history, shipping, breeding, care and general information

  Scottish Fold cats and kittens from the Katareece Cattery.   
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The Scottish Fold Cat or Kitten are unique and adorable cats and make a great gift. Kittens from Katareece Cattery.

  Casajai Catz Breeder of Purrfect Pussycats   
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As a breeder of quality kittens my aim is to improve the type and temperaments of the specific Breeds of cats I am involved with. All my kittens are raised indoor in my own home and socialised with my grandchildren as well as the family Rottweiler.

  Foldilocks Scottish Folds   
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Foldilocks Scottish Foldsbreeding for the adorable owl-like expression and a loving temperament.

  Scottish Fold Rescue   
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A network of Scottish Fold Fancier volunteers working to rehome and rescue Scottish Fold cats found to be homeless or in-need.

  Montessori Scottish Fold Cats   
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MONTESSORI CATS. People loving cats raised by cat loving people. Scottish Fold Cats and Scottish Fold Kittens for show and sale

  Cattery Row's Scottish Fold Breeders   
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Cattery Row's Scottish Fold Listings.

  Gethsemane Cattery - Kittens   
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Gethsemane cattery - breeding and raising beautiful kittens and cats true to type. Gethsemane cattery is located in Perth, Western Australia. Site includes information on studs, queens and kittens available.

  Casajai Catz Breeder of Purrfect Pussycats   
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Breeder of a selection of Cats, including Persians, Exotics, Scottish Folds both Longhair and Shorthair and British Shorthairs. Our aims is to breed for temperament and quality not quantity

  Foldom Scottish Folds   
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We are a small CFA cattery in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Central Virginia. My goal is to breed Sottish Folds for quality in health, temperament and type, never quantity. All kittens are raised underfoot, loved and spoiled.

  Glencairn Cats   
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We are situated near Byron Bay Northern NSW. All our kittens are bred for health, temperament and type and are available for adoption as either a show cat or as a wonderful companion and pet. We breed a variety of colours including Solids & Bi-colours specialising in Silver tabby patterns. All our kittens are born and reared in the house are very well socialised.

  Scottish Folds on the Web - Jerome's Home   
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The home of a cool, solid blue Scottish Fold cat with an attitude.

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