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  Elian Sings - Singapura   
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Singapuras allegedly came from three drain cats imported into the United States from Singapore in the 1970s. Singapuras are considered one of the smallest breeds of cats, the female averaging 2 to 3 kgs, the male 4-5 kgs. They are small to look at, but su

  Temasek Cattery - Home to the Ragdolls & Singapuras   
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  Singapura cat, singapuracat,   
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Singapura cat for sale. A global network directory of Singapura cats for sale, Singapura kittens, breeders, related products and services   
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The homepage of Jinnomni Singapuras Cattery run by the late Derek Smith This page will be maintained in memory of Derek and will continue to provide access to his extensive collection of photgraphs of his cats

  ...Singapura ... Singapura... Hypnotyks Singapura Cats - Latest   
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Breeding and Exhibiting Pedigree Singapura cats from our home in Gloucestershire UK

   Singapura Breed Guide   
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Singapura Cat Breed Guide.

  Janamel Burmese & Singapuras   
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Breeder of Burmese and Burmese in the Wiltshire area of the UK, breeding quality home bred kittens

  Singapura Breeding   
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Singapura Breeding Singapura kitten are found throughout the islands of Singapore . When research on this breed of cats was done the brown color was due to

  Singapura cats, singapuracats,   
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Singapura cats for sale. A global network directory of Singapura cats for sale, Singapura kittens, breeders, related products and services

  1.deutsche Singapura-Rassekatzenzucht/kittens   
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Culany-Singapuras Rassekatzen 1.deutsche Zucht dieser liebevollen kleinen Raritäten!

  SunPearl Singapuras   
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Small Beautiful intellegent singapura cats

  Meet the Woodpile Singapuras   
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Meet the Woodpile Singapuras

  BarkleyAndPaws - Singapura cat | - Online Pet   
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The Singapura is an alert, healthy, small cat of foreign type. The body has good bone structure and is moderately stocky and muscular, yet gives an impression of great elegance

  Welcome to the Genuine Singapura Cat Club   
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The Genuine Singapura Cat Club caters for Singapura cats, and their breeders. Kitten list available, membership applications welcomed.

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BIBIGON SINGAPURA CATTERY BIBIGON is a cattery specializing in breeding healthy Singapura cats. We have kittens who will capture your hearts. Singapuras are small, gorgeous and sweet, with big expressive eyes and shorthaired ticked coat of light beige coloring. Singapuras are cheeky, extremely curious, inquisitive, joyful, very intelligent and interactive with people, they love to play and explore, but also love to cuddle and relax. They will make great cherished family companions. Kittens are up to date with their shots, home trained and spayed/neutered.

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