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  Lochnargar\'s Norwegian Forest Cats   
    EntryID=111   State=Germany
we are a small cattery located in germany in the area around Frankfurt/M. Since 1992 we are breeding Norwegian Forest Cats and Maine Coon under the name \'Lochnargar\'s, who is registrate in FIFe. For more informations feel free to visit our homepage or contact us by e-mail.

  Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders - Australia   
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Online directory of Norwegian Forest Cat breeders in Australia. Locate a Norwegian Forest Cat breeder, advertise your cattery.

  Aminius - Norwegian Forest Cats   
    EntryID=110   State=Germany
Since 1992/93 we are breeding Norwegian Forest Cats under the name \'von Aminius\'. Health, temper, bonestructure and coatquality are very important for us. We orientate us at the FIFe-standard. Our cats are from swed./norw./dan. and german lines. The colours are not so important for us - we could get kittens in different colours, only totaly white we haven\'t. Only 1-2 times in the year we have kitten, so we have enough time for them to play, to cuddle...... - they are all familymembers -. For more information you could contact us.

  Cat Photos - Norwegian Forest Cat Photos   
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Photos of Norwegian Forest cats & kittens. Pictures of many cat breeds. Also Norwegian cat breed profile and Norwegian cat breeders

  Breeder Listings- Norwegian Forest Cat   
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Cat Craze- Norwegian Forest Cat Cat Breed Information, photos, and Norwegian Forest Cat breeder listing information for the Norwegian Forest Cat.

  Norwegian Forest Cat Club   
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The Norwegian Forest Cat Club of Great Britain is the only affiliated cat clubspecialising in Norwegian Forest Cats.

  NFO av-stjernentrolls   
    EntryID=156   State=Germany
Small but nice NFO breeders. Located in a small village in the west of Germany.

  Norwegian Forest Cat: FBRL Breed Page   
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Information, links, and international breeder contact information for the Norwegian Forest Cat cat breed.

  Norwegian Forest Cats, Kittens and Cat Breeders   
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Norwegian Forest Cat cat breeders, breed clubs, kittens, rescue Eforum - Norsk skogskatt populärast (kattbilder)   
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Minns min gamla katt som gick bort för några år sedan, så fin och snäll den var. En riktigt fin Norsk Skogskatt som på eget bevåg bosatte sig hos oss en sommar. Mager och lite blåslagen* fann den sig hemma hos oss. Var där innan vi gav iväg oss på semeste

  Norwegian Forest Cat & Kitten Breeders - Kjærligkatt   
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Norwegian Forest Cats and kittens. UK based breeders - kittens sometimes available to good homes as pets and for showing.

  Norsk skogskatt/Perser : Annons på Tian :   
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Norsk skogskatt/Perser

  Allevamento Folch de Cardona   
    EntryID=14   State=Italy
Italian breeders of Norwegian Forest cats in Rome. Important Scandinavian bloodlines, perfect standard aderence, various colours and pattern. We work in order to obtain kittens with an optimal health and an affectionate character. Come to meet us!!!

  Norskwood Norwegian Forest Cats   
    EntryID=202   State=Great-Britain-&-Northern-Ireland
We are breeders of Norwegian Forest Cats in London, UK. All our kittens are raised in our home as part of the family and are registered, vaccinated, checked by our vet at least twice before gong to their new homes, weaned and litter trained. Kittens due at the end of May.

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