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  KARAT\' CATS Cattery   
    EntryID=118   State=France
KARAT CATS CATTERY norvegian forest cats breeder, type and temper. More information on our Website. Our cattery is situated in the North-Est of FRANCE.

  Kirkham`s Cattery   
    EntryID=33   State=Germany
We are breeders of norwegian forestcats in Germany. Our cats lives in our home and we have 1-2 times/year kittens available. If you want to see or read more of us visit our hp. If you like you can leave a pawprint in our guestbook.

  Borealis Norwegian Forest Cats   
    EntryID=124   State=Australia
One of the first NFC catteries in Australia. Imports from UK, Denmark and Norway to improve lines. Top show-winning cats of good pedigrees, producing kittens of excellent type, health and purrsonality. Pets available (desexed) most of year, entire breeding stock to registered and experienced breeders. International shipping arranged.

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