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  Venus Rising Pixie Bobs   
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We are a family focused Pixie Bob breeder based in Devon in the UK. We have a strong focus on the health and wellbeing of our cats.

  Pixiebob kitten   
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T.I.C.A. registered Pixiebob cattery in the Missouri Ozarks Wild-cat look with a heart of gold. Champion lines, Show, breeder or pet kittens available to the right home. Beautiful spotted babies. Outstanding quality. Health & temperment guaranteed

  Three River Pixie  
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We are a small home raised T.I.C.A. Pixie Bob cattery. All of our kittens are given a lot of LOVE and ATTENTION to give our kitties EXTRAORDINARY personality and a "Wild Kingdom, Bob-Cat Wannabe" look!! If you have never had the opportunity to be around a Pixie Bob, you are missing a real treat!! Many owners call Pixie Bobs the dog-cats. They have that wonderful affection, “I’ll curl up on your lap and purr” cat personality, but they also have that “I’ll fetch a ball, walk on a leash, ride in your car, and stand by your side” dog personality. I have T.I.C.A. registered Pixie Bob kittens for sale now. They are from excellent Northwest bloodlines. They have wonderful faces, heavy brow, black tipping on ears with great ear placement, spots, and great color. Some are polydactyl (extra-toes) They are available to pet homes willing to care for that “wild” looking kitty in a domestic body.

  Special Agent Pixie Bobs   
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The Best Pixie Bobs in the world, including several International Best of Breeds, Regional Winners and Supreme Grand Champions. We raise our Agents in our home and underfoot. Wild looks with awesome personality. Health and personality guaranteed. Polydactyl (with extra toes) and straight (regular) feet available. Check out our website -   
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Coolest cats around! Visit -- The place where you can find factual information on this wonderful and wild looking domestic breed. At Distinctively NW Pixie-Bobs we emphasize health and a loving disposition as well as correct type and size. We handle each kitten with gentleness and love from birth onward to ensure that, whether they are destined for the show ring or to be treasured family pets, they will be loving and confident. We will sell no kitten until it has had sufficient time to develop its personality and receive its immunizations. We feel that the wait is a small price to pay to ensure that the new owner receives a healthy, well-adjusted kitten. For a breed that remains kitten-like its whole life, a few weeks extra is worth the wait.

  Three River Pixie  
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Our Pixie Bobs have "Wild Kingdom" looks and Extraordinary personalities. Pixie Bobs have dog like trainability and cat affection. We are very small breeders of Quality T.I.C.A. registered Pixie Bobs. We specialize in giving all of our kittens individual attention to ensure a special friend and pet that you will be proud to share your life with.

  Baylynx Pixie-Bobs   
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Here at Baylynx Pixie-Bobs, we are dedicated to producing perfect Pixie-Bob bobcat look-alikes. We are a small private Pixie-Bob cattery, come on in and see our cats and kittens.

  Pixie bob kittens   
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I have 4 beautiful Pixie bob kittens for sale $400 each just call or text for pics I have pics of the kittens and the parents

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